Seven years ago today ...

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Re: Seven years ago today ...


Post by Whatever4 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:16 pm

ObjectiveDoubter wrote:I was a perennial lurker, the first couple of years.

Although my life is pretty predictable, The FogBow has provided me with experiences that are anything but. My first foray was stopping by the failed Senate candidate "debate" that Orly and another gadfly candidate had planned, in front of the Palm Springs Desert Sun office. And then there was the Court case in Pasadena where Orly stuffed all the donations from the Flying Monkeys, after another giant fail, into her bra. My favorite was going to Jackson, Mississippi to Judge Wingate's Court, the time Orly's luggage got lost and the judge's clerk let him know, because she'd obviously been following Orly on her webstye. As I recall, that is where the lawyer let slip the Buffoon reference to the "experts" Orly cited. (I've always thought that despite apologizing to the Court, he'd done it on purpose.) I got to meet Ms. Butterfly B. and Sugar M. there, and that alone made it worth the trip. Kindred spirits.

Happy, Happy to us all. I am looking forward to going to Baltimore, trying to make my schedule work, no matter what!
Me too. Also.

"[Moderate] doesn't mean you don't have views. It just means your views aren't predictable ideologically one way or the other, and you're trying to follow the facts where they lead and reach your own conclusions."
-- Sen. King (R-ME)

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