Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats?

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Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats?


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President Trump has settled on retiring Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) as his pick for the director of national intelligence, statutorily the most powerful intelligence position in the entire federal bureaucracy.
1. Will you speak truth to power?

Coats is the exact opposite of Trump on Russia and Ukraine. Whereas Trump is amicable toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, doesn't trust the intelligence community's judgment on Russian cyber operations and is open to recognizing Russia's annexation of Crimea, Coats is a bona-fide Russia hawk.
2. How will you balance privacy and security?

This age-old question remains vital at a time when the National Security Agency (NSA) has accumulated incredible power. Coats is an unapologetic intelligence hawk and a bombastic supporter of the now-expired Section 215 provision that the NSA interpreted as a green light to collect and store the metadata of Americans' phone calls.
3. Will you work with Congress?
But the CIA, NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) — like all other agencies of the federal government — are subjected to the same rules and procedures as other agencies and departments in the executive branch. Congressional oversight is a hallmark of the separation of powers under the U.S. Constitution, and these sorts of checks and balances are often the only thing keeping the American public informed about whether a program is going haywire or whether taxpayer money is being wasted.
A 19th Amendment Centennial Moment:
The 19th Amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1878, yet it was not approved by Congress until 1919 – 41 years later.

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