Trump's Social Security Administration

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Trump's Social Security Administration


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The Social Security Administration’s acting commissioner had no authority to act after mid-November because the agency is in violation of a federal law regarding vacant positions, according to a report to the president.

In a letter to President Trump Tuesday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said the Federal Vacancies Reform Act limits the time a position can be filled by an acting official.

“Specifically, we are reporting that the service of Nancy A. Berryhill as Acting Commissioner at SSA after November 17, 2017, is in violation of the Act,” the letter said.

“We have previously determined that using the acting title of a position during the period in which the position should be vacant violates the time limitations in the Vacancies Reform Act,” GAO wrote. “Therefore Ms. Berryhill was not authorized to continue serving using the title of Acting Commissioner after November 16.” ... yS&ampcf=1

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Re: Trump's Social Security Administration


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Berryhill is a 40-year vet of the administration. She became the acting commish when Obama's nominee, Colvin (who Taitz "famously" sued) left.

And the president hasn't nominated anyone to the position.
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