North Carolina 2nd CD 2020

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North Carolina 2nd CD 2020


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Associated Press
North Carolina Rep. Holding won't seek 2020 reelection

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Republican Rep. George Holding announced on Friday he won't run for reelection — the victim of a congressional map redrawn following a court order that now makes his district lean to the left.

Holding represents the Triangle-area 2nd Congressional District, which was dramatically altered by the state legislature a few weeks ago because state judges ruled it was likely the previous map was tainted with extreme partisan bias favoring the GOP.

In recent election cycles, the 2nd District included several rural, more conservative, counties adjoining Wake County, where Raleigh is located, along with a small portion of Wake. But the new 2nd sits entirely in Wake County, where Democratic voter registration is strong and recent electoral success abundant.

“I just don’t see an opportunity to win in the district that’s been drawn for me,” Holding said in a brief interview Friday in Washington. Deborah Ross, the unsuccessful Democratic U.S. Senate nominee in 2016 against GOP Sen. Richard Burr, already announced this week she was running for the new 2nd District seat.

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Re: North Carolina 2nd CD 2020


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"the victim"? North Carolina's districts have been obscenely gerrymandered for decades. The victims are the voters, that reporter is annoying.

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