Arkansas US Senate 2020

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Arkansas US Senate 2020


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Arkansas Times - Autumn Tolbert
Joshua Mahony thinks there are enough reasonable Arkansans for him to unseat Tom Cotton

Joshua Mahony is running for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton in the 2020 general election. I recently spoke with Mahony about his candidacy and policies, including the precarious position of the Arkansas farmer, how morality and justice should shape the immigration debate, and the values he learned growing up in El Dorado. ...

A large number of young people seem to be especially energized by your campaign. How does that help motivate you?

The support of the young people and Senator Elliott are kind of the same. You just hope you come close to living up to what they are looking for and what they need and their expectations. I know we are not going to get everything right, but we can’t do it without them.

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Re: Arkansas US Senate 2020


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In the last century I lived in El Dorado (in southernmost Arkansas in 1976) and taught in elementary school there. Joshua Mahony's uncle, Jodie Mahony, was a local attorney and our rep in the Arkansas House. Now state Senator Joyce Elliott taught in the El Dorado High School and was president of the El Dorado Classroom Teachers Association of which I was a member. We lobbied at the State Capitol and found Jodie Mahony to be a reliable, sensible education ally. Josh is sensible too.

The first time I saw Joyce was when she spoke at a teachers meeting. Tall, beautiful, articulate and black, she was striking and powerful. We ran in the same social circles and I played tennis with her then husband, Bill Barnes.

I would like to see Joyce be our next governor, not SHS.

Also, we all need Cotton out of the Senate. He almost surpasses Ted Cruz as the weirdest and most unlikable Senator. He is a Koch Brothers grifter. I've contributed to Josh once and plan to do so again. Can't wait to get my yard sign.
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