WITHDRAWN: Wayne Messam 2020

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WITHDRAWN: Wayne Messam 2020


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WBUR: Florida Mayor Wayne Messam Makes His Case For 2020 Presidential Nomination

Mayor Wayne Messam of Miramar, Florida, is very much still in the race for the Democratic nomination for president — even though he probably won't make the fundraising cut to appear in the first televised debates.

The son of Jamaican immigrants, Messam (@WayneMessam) is the mayor of the South Florida city of about 150,000 and owns a construction company. He launched his campaign in March, but he's still relatively unknown outside of Miramar.

Messam tells Here & Now's Robin Young that's because he hasn't been offered the opportunity to host a nationally televised town hall on CNN or Fox News. He says due to that lack of exposure, "my hill is a lot steeper than others."

"I fall as a progressive mayor that has passed the living wage in my city. I'm standing before you as a business owner that knows how to create jobs," Messam says. "The question is why hasn't the mayor from a swing state, the first African-American mayor of my city, and I've asked and I've demanded a town hall — have not gotten it."

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Re: WITHDRAWN: Wayne Messam 2020


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Don't make me assume my ultimate form!

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Re: WITHDRAWN: Wayne Messam 2020


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