Sherrod Brown 2020

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Sherrod Brown 2020


Post by Addie » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:33 am

New York Times
Sherrod Brown: Rumpled, Unvarnished and Just Maybe a Candidate for President

COLUMBUS, Ohio — One after another, the Democratic candidates in Ohio fell.

But there was Senator Sherrod Brown celebrating his re-election last Tuesday night at a hotel ballroom before a crowd of anxious revelers.

“Let our country — let our nation’s citizens, our Democratic Party, my fellow elected officials all over the country — let them all cast their eyes towards the heartland,” Mr. Brown said from the stage, dispelling the sense of disappointment that had begun to descend.

Then, his gravelly voice rasping out a crescendo, he made it clear where he thought his party could forge its path to success: his triumphant campaign, he said, was the “blueprint for America for 2020.” The revelers roared.

If his victory speech seemed to double as a calling card for a possible presidential run, there was good reason. Not only had Mr. Brown won his third term in this crucial battleground that President Trump claimed by eight points, he was the only major Democrat to win a statewide seat in Ohio.

Almost immediately, some Democrats began to wonder if Mr. Brown possessed the secret to retaking a state that seemed to be steadily slipping from their grasp.

A week later — after insisting for years that a run for president was far off his radar — Mr. Brown has begun wondering aloud if he should have the world’s most important job after all.

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Re: Sherrod Brown 2020


Post by fierceredpanda » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:36 am

He shouldn't run for POTUS. It would cost the Democrats a Senate seat, at a time when it is increasingly clear that a President without a Senate majority will be incapable of installing judges and Cabinet officers. If anything, Brown should consider running for Governor of Ohio in 4 years, so he would be in a position to appoint his own successor. But he won't do that, because the Governor of Ohio is term-limited, whereas he can be a US Senator forever if he wants to. But at this point, I'm not down with giving up any Senate seats to take the White House.

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