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To join a usergroup, click your username at the top of the page, then go to User Control Panel --> Usergroups tab and join whichever groups you desire.

The Gadflies, Grumpy People, and Ladies in Pink are just for fun. Your username will be orange, purple, or pink, respectively.
I have to change your color (by making that your default group), so send me a PM if you don't see the color you expect. If you're a member of more than one group including Grumpy People, your default group will be Grumpy People and you'll be purple.

FEMA Campers is a closed group. Birthers, SovCits, trolls, and anyone else who joins the forum in order to hassle us are put in this group. Then they can only post in FEMA Camp 7½, a hidden forum.

The FEMA Staff & Visitors group can see the FEMA camp. If you don't join, you don't see us dealing with the troublemakers.

Sterngard Friegen is in a group of his own, for reasons that will become apparent when you get to know him. He is the Super Grumpy Geezer.

The Sports Fans group is for ... sports fans. Others can't see the sports forums, because they choose not to. If you want to see the Sports forums, join this group.

FEMA Camp 7½:

For many years, birthers and other trolls would join Fogbow to hassle us. They would post the same old lies over and over, and were generally obnoxious. Also, the main rule here is that you can't insult other members of the forum, but a lot of us really wanted to insult the birthers and other trolls. Meanwhile, others here didn't want to see anything written by birthers or trolls, and didn't want to see us insulting them.

So I created a special forum for the birthers, sovcits, and other trolls. In FEMA Camp 7½, the rule against insulting other members of the forum doesn't apply. Insult them all you want. Meanwhile, anyone I put in the FEMA Camp can only post there, and not in any of the other forums. This cuts down on their ability to screw up the board.

If you'd like to see the FEMA Camp, join the usergroup FEMA Staff & Visitors, as described above.

Board Styles:

I have 5 different Board Styles that control the look and feel of the forum. Try them all and see if there's one you prefer.
To change your board style, go to User Control Panel --> Board Preferences tab.