Born in Kenya”

Coun­tries “claim” famous peo­ple who have a con­nec­tion to them, no mat­ter how ten­u­ous. Oba­ma is a “child of” Indone­sia, Kenya, Hawaii. That does­n’t mean he was born in three places, but that he has ties to them.

Evi­dence for birth in out­side Hawaii? Over­whelm­ing­ly… absent. Plus com­plete­ly lack­ing in log­ic. A cou­ple of poor stu­dents (one being heav­i­ly preg­nant teenag­er) tak­ing a com­pli­cat­ed week-long jour­ney to a prim­i­tive vil­lage in a third-world coun­try halfway around the world to meet a hos­tile par­ent and an exist­ing wife? Then go to a hos­pi­tal hun­dreds of miles in the oppo­site direc­tion of the tiny vil­lage, over ques­tion­able roads and no con­ve­niences? When they could have stayed in Hawaii with mod­ern med­ical facil­i­ties with the young moth­er’s par­ents and grand­par­ents near­by?

Claim: His Grand­moth­er says she was born in Kenya, that she held him, that she helped with the birth. I saw the video.

The infa­mous “Grand­moth­er Tape” has long been debunked, but it won’t go away. Sarah Oba­ma (step-grand­moth­er, not aunt) nev­er said Oba­ma was born in Kenya, that she held him, or that he was born in Mom­basa, and she nev­er signed any affi­davits sworn or oth­er­wise. She said repeat­ed­ly that he was born in Hawaii, in the Unit­ed States. You can lis­ten for your­self. (Audio opens in new win­dow.)

The tape was made under false pre­tens­es, by peo­ple who believed that Oba­ma was born in Kenya and tried to trap Sarah Oba­ma. Sarah Oba­ma was asked (via trans­la­tor as she does­n’t speak Eng­lish) if she was present in Kenya when Oba­ma was born. That was trans­lat­ed as “where you here in Kenya when Oba­ma was born?”, not were you in the same place as Oba­ma when he was born. The next ques­tion made clear the error — Was he born in Mom­basa? Answer — “No! Oba­ma was not born in Mom­basa!” She insist­ed that Oba­ma was born in Hawaii. Repeat­ed­ly. The full tape makes that clear, the tape that was post­ed on youtube end­ed abrupt­ly after the orig­i­nal ques­tion. She nev­er said she was proud to be at his birth, she nev­er said she held him, she nev­er says she was in the same place.

Sarah Oba­ma has always said that she met Oba­ma as an adult. She has relat­ed first hear­ing about the birth months lat­er in a let­ter, and meet­ing Oba­ma for the first time when he vis­it­ed his father’s grave in 1988.

Lis­ten to the whole tape your­self. Read the tran­script. Com­pare the “affi­davits” from the peo­ple who set the inter­view up. Dis­cov­er the truth for your­self.

Claim: Pres­i­dent Oba­ma’s moth­er went to Kenya to vis­it her in-laws, but was too preg­nant to get on the plane to fly back before the baby was born.

There are many prob­lems with this claim. First of all, trav­el­ling halfway around the world in 1961 was not an easy trip. One detailed analy­sis shows that it would have tak­en at least 5 days, much of that on prop planes. Each round trip tick­et to Nairo­bi would have cost a year’s salary. Once in Nairo­bi, there would have been a 402km away jour­ney by train, car, and/or ani­mal pow­er to get to the vil­lage of Nyang’o­ma Koge­lo, where Oba­ma Sr’s fam­i­ly lived. His first wife and child also lived there, as well as his extreme­ly angry father. Then for some rea­son, the cou­ple felt a need to go to Mom­bas­sa, anoth­er 1,169km trip in the oppo­site direc­tion. Then back to Nairo­bi, for anoth­er week-long trip with a new­born baby.

How did the baby make it through all the flights and check­points with absolute­ly no pass­port? And how would Ann Oba­ma be able to get the immu­niza­tions that weren’t avail­able to preg­nant women?

Claim: Oba­ma lived with his grand­moth­er in Africa.

Most peo­ple have at least two grand­moth­ers. Oba­ma lived with the moth­er of his moth­er, in Hawaii, while his moth­er was work­ing and liv­ing in Indone­sia. He nev­er lived with the moth­er of his father, in Kenya. He did live in Indone­sia (not part of Africa) for 4 years, from ages 6–10.

Claim: I’ve seen the Kenyan Birth Cer­tifi­cates.

The Kenyan doc­u­ments aren’t actu­al doc­u­ments — one is a pho­to­graph only, the oth­er is a xerox stamped and signed with a mis­spelled name of an admin­is­tra­tor. Nei­ther is admis­si­ble in court, unlike the orig­i­nal doc­u­ment that pho­tographed.

One spoof Kenyan Birth Cer­tifi­cate was debunked with­in days of hit­ting the web in August. The big give­away is that it is real­ly an Aus­tralian birth cer­tifi­cate tak­en from a geneal­o­gy site, and made as a hoax to fool the birthers. The oth­er was “found” by a con­vict­ed forg­er who refus­es to show evi­dence he was ever actu­al­ly in Kenya. So nei­ther “doc­u­ment” is shock­ing or new, but it is proof of your gulli­bil­i­ty.

We have a com­plete in-depth debunk­ing of both Fake Kenyan Birth Cer­tifi­cates on our FKBC page, here.

You can even make your own with the Kenyan Birth Cer­tifi­cate Gen­er­a­tor.

Claim: Oba­ma didn’t start say­ing he was born in Hawaii until he decid­ed to run for pres­i­dent. I saw an arti­cle from a Kenyan paper from 2004 say­ing he was Kenyan-born.

Oba­ma nev­er claimed to have been born in Kenya. The arti­cle that the AP issued said noth­ing about Kenyan-born, that was added by an over-zeal­ous local edi­tor (who also mis­pelled Oba­ma’s name). The next week, a cor­rec­tion was issued by the same paper.

Simul­ta­ne­ous with Obama’s ris­ing stature is the increas­ing desire by Kenyans to iden­ti­fy with him. Typ­i­cal news­pa­per head­lines and mes­sages fly­ing around the Inter­net tend to lead with the theme “Kenyan-linked”, or “Kenyan-Amer­i­can”, or even, erro­neous­ly, “Kenyan-born”. Peo­ple like iden­ti­fy­ing with win­ners, espe­cial­ly when they can be linked to them in a direct way. How­ev­er, Kenyans are mis­tak­en in attempt­ing to claim Mr Bar­rack Oba­ma as one of their own…”

Here’s the orig­i­nal AP arti­cle (note no “Kenyan-born” lan­guage), and a debunk­ing from

Last­ly, the AP itself says:

The AP has nev­er report­ed that Pres­i­dent Oba­ma was born in Kenya. In fact, AP news sto­ries about the state of Hawaii have con­firmed that he was born there. The Kenyan paper that you cite rewrote a 2004 AP sto­ry, adding the phrase ‘Kenyan-born.’ That word­ing was not in the AP ver­sion of the sto­ry.” — Paul Col­ford, direc­tor of media rela­tions for the Asso­ci­at­ed Press

Claim: A black Kenyan His­to­ri­an say Oba­ma was born in Kenya.

Pro­fes­sor Ali Mazrui has writ­ten that Amer­i­ca has a Luo pres­i­dent.

This Amer­i­can prece­dent may lead on to the elec­tion of a Black Prime Min­is­ter of the Unit­ed King­dom, a
Black Pres­i­dent of France, and even a Black Chan­cel­lor of Ger­many before the end of this twen­ty-first cen­tu­ry.
A Soma­li Prime Min­is­ter of Italy in anoth­er 50 years is no longer incon­ceiv­able. After all, the Unit­ed States has
had a Luo Pres­i­dent soon­er than has Kenya, which has a pop­u­la­tion of sev­er­al mil­lion Luo.

Pro­fes­sor Mazrui was cor­rect­ly point­ing out that Pres­i­dent Oba­ma was a mem­ber of the Luo tribe due to his father’s ances­try. The entire arti­cle talks about Oba­ma’s three-part ances­tral her­itage: African, Mus­lim, and Amer­i­can. A promi­nant African, Olara Otun­nu gave the fol­low­ing lec­ture at Har­vard and dis­cussed Mazrui’s point.

Olara Otun­nu (Har­vard Law, 1978) relat­ing the remark of Kenyan his­to­ri­an Ali Mazrui on the odd­i­ty that a mem­ber of Kenya’s Luo tribe (Barack Oba­ma, a Kenyan cit­i­zen and Luo tribe mem­ber from birth) may become pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States before a Luo tribe mem­ber becomes pres­i­dent of Kenya. “Town Hall Forum: An Exam­i­na­tion of Race, Age, Gen­der & Reli­gion in the 2008 Elec­tion,” Har­vard Law School Reunions, Oct. 25, 2008, 9:15 a.m, (Austin Hall, 1st Floor, West), at 60:17 mark.

In this lec­ture, Otun­nu also nev­er said Oba­ma was born in Kenya. The list­ing says that Oba­ma was a Kenyan Cit­i­zen because his father was a Kenyan Cit­i­zen. Oba­ma was born in the US with dual cit­i­zen­ship. (See our page on Dual Cit­i­zen­ship.) In the actu­al lec­ture, Otun­nu says:

There is a prospect that the US would elect a pres­i­dent, a Luo pres­i­dent, before Kenya does… if Amer­i­cans, White Amer­i­cans, are pre­pared to elect a per­son of African her­itage and not hold his race and eth­nic­i­ty against him, what are Africans doing hold­ing eth­nic­i­ty against each oth­er?… If Oba­ma had grown up in Kenya on the father’s side instead of the moth­ers, he may have had less of a chance of becom­ing pres­i­dent of the US.”

Claim: Oba­ma was born on Vul­can.

Oh my god! You are RIGHT! When Oba­ma said he grew up on Star Trek, I did­n’t real­ize he was say­ing he grew up ON Star Trek! Pic­tures don’t lie! The con­spir­a­cy goes even fur­ther

Plus: Sev­en of Nine was once mar­ried to Oba­ma’s Repub­li­can Sen­ate oppo­nent. The details in the “sealed” divorce papers tor­pe­doed the ex-hus­band’s cam­paign, leav­ing it wide open for Oba­ma.

Claim: Oba­ma has no cit­i­zen­ship to any coun­try and trav­eled the world attend­ing col­leges.

He has prop­er doc­u­men­ta­tion, as evi­denced by the fact that he HAS trav­eled to oth­er parts of the world and was per­mit­ted to reen­ter the USA. Just because YOU haven’t seen his pass­port, birth cer­tifi­cate, social secu­ri­ty card, etc. does­n’t mean that oth­er peo­ple, the peo­ple allowed/required to haven’t either.

He attend­ed 3 col­leges: Occi­den­tal Col­lege (CA), Colum­bia (NY), and Har­vard (MA). All US states.

Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow