Leo Donofrio

Leo Donofrio

leo1bsmall.jpgLeo Donofrio is the most col­or­ful of all the char­ac­ters in the birther saga. Before becom­ing the guid­ing light of the birthers, he led a rock band. He has gone by the nick­names “Burn­weed,” “Jet Wintzer,” “Jet Schizo,” and “The Par­a­clete” (the Holy Spir­it in Chris­t­ian the­ol­o­gy).

He is the lawyer who first cre­at­ed the fake imag­i­nary “two cit­i­zen par­ents” rule that has been thor­ough­ly dis­proven and explic­it­ly reject­ed by the courts, espe­cial­ly the court in Anke­ny v. Daniels. Leo is also the father of the Fake Grand Jury move­ment, though he dis­avowed them when the first fake grand jury threat­ened to take phys­i­cal action to enforce its “indict­ment”.

Here’s just one of his auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal sketch­es

I am the author of inter­net cult phe­nom­e­non “ONELOVESTORY”, writ­ten under the alias BURNWEED. In 1994 I was at a low point in my life, a failed law career led to me being a singer in a failed rock band inspired by the 89/90 Man­ches­ter Rock/Rave explo­sion.
In 1994 my band broke up and I was in a bad way …
In 1998 I real­ized I was The Par­a­clete and that my pur­pose was to prophe­cy the return of the Mes­si­ah. The angels led me to one ALLAN(Reni)WREN, reclu­sive drum­mer of The Stone Ros­es. Need­less to say I nev­er had a chance of get­ting ONELOVESTORY or my music any press as they all thought I was insane and try­ing to ride on the shoul­ders of anoth­er band’s dream as a char­la­tan.
… Bizarre as this may sound, it’s all true and has been doc­u­ment­ed in Usenet news­group alt.music.stone-roses since 1996.

See what I mean about col­or­ful? I love this guy! Here’s anoth­er one, where he explains his True Mis­sion:

ONELOVESTORY 2001Chapter 1: Res­ur­rec­tionleo_guitar.jpg
By The Par­a­clete
I am not Lee D’onofrio or Burn­weed.
Those are names of the body I have used as a space­suit to appear here before you on plan­et Earth.
My real name is The Par­a­clete. And Reni IS The Mes­si­ah. The Par­a­clete aka The Spir­it of Truth, aka The Holy Spir­it is the third per­son of Trin­i­ty. As Jesus stat­ed in the Gospel of John, he has sent me to con­demn Satan and glo­ri­fy the Mes­si­ah.
The Holy Spir­it con­cept derives from the word “Par­a­clete” which trans­lates as “advo­cate” or “lawyer.” I am a lawyer, God’s lawyer. They nev­er told you “he” would come as a man, they lied about me deny­ing me a place in the world of men. But Jesus made it clear he would send a man. Do your home­work because he said he’d send “anoth­er” like him, anoth­er man. That’s me peo­ple. Freaky? Yes. True? You bet your sweet human ass that mine is divine. I speak with a man­date from Heav­en.
At this moment in time, the name for the body I am using has been changed to Jet Wintzer. I am spread­ing the prophe­cies giv­en to me by God, the Father, to the world through my ass­kick­ing new band Schizo FunAd­dict.


Don’t you wish you had some of what Leo was smok­ing when he wrote that? He went from hav­ing “a failed law career” to being appoint­ed as God’s Lawyer! His mom must have been so proud!

But Leo was also at one time a stalk­er:

The rela­tion­ship I had with Marci‘a lit­er­al­ly almost killed me. I was an emo­tion­al wreck. I could­n’t accept it when she left me. I harassed her like a fuck­ing psy­cho ass­hole. I scared her by fol­low­ing her around, tail­ing her in my car and sneak­ing around cam­pus. I would come up to her and scream and yell try­ing to make her see what she did to me. I did what every ass­hole does … I tried things like rub­bing glass into my hands and burn­ing myself in front of her. I was so fucked up … I was the biggest ass­hole you ever met. I almost dropped out of law school. I broke out in ner­vous hives, and had to go to the hos­pi­tal. I could­n’t sleep and when I final­ly did, I had recur­ring dreams that she came back to me … 

But there were good times, too (because of the drugs):

I grad­u­at­ed law school in June 1990 and took a job at a law firm in New Jer­sey. I moved home with my par­ents  I began tak­ing mag­ic mush­rooms and going to the Melody. Mat was play­ing all Man­ches­ter stuff every Fri­day night and the music was incred­i­ble but the Ros­es were the best. Lis­ten­ing to them on Mush­rooms put me in LaLa land and I’ve been there ever since.…once I heard them on Ecsta­sy I was look­ing down on Heav­en which was far below.  I still use mush­rooms and Mar­i­jua­na occa­sion­al­ly. I do not tell any­one ever that they have to use them to get in touch with their spir­it. I like them and that is that. I took Ecsta­sy on my own, and I fuck­ing got addict­ed to it. I did­n’t get addict­ed to it on a dai­ly basis, but i was on it every week for a cou­ple of years.

These excerpts tak­en from Old One Love Sto­ry. Also see New One Love Sto­ry, found here.

Father of the Fake Grand Jury

Back in 2005, when Patrick Fitzger­ald was inves­ti­gat­ing the Plame Affair, Leo (using the screen name Cit­i­zen­Spook) wrote a screed about the power of the grand jury titled “TREASONGATE: The Fed­er­al Grand Jury, FOURTH BRANCH of the US Gov­ern­ment”. Leo’s arti­cle claimed to explain  the “true pow­er [of the grand jury] as grant­ed by the Con­sti­tu­tion. For that pow­er, despite hav­ing been hid­den for many years behind the veil of a leg­isla­tive fraud, still exists in all of its glo­ry in the 5th Amend­ment to the Con­sti­tu­tion.” Leo pro­claimed “the pow­er of the grand jury, to return “pre­sent­ments” on its own proac­tive ini­ti­a­tion, with­out reliance upon a US Attor­ney to con­cur in such crim­i­nal charges”. In other words, he assert­ed that a grand jury need not be lim­it­ed by the guid­ance and lead­er­ship of the fed­er­al pros­e­cu­tor.

After Pres­i­dent Oba­ma was elect­ed, Leo trot­ted out this arti­cle again, renam­ing it “The Grand Jury Is The Fourth Branch of Gov­ern­ment”. It was prompt­ly repub­lished at The Right Side of Life blog and the Cit­i­zen Wells blog (although, curi­ous­ly, Leo him­self removed the arti­cle from his own blog, Nat­ur­al Born Cit­i­zen. Then Leo pub­lished a fol­low-up arti­cle enti­tled “SCOTUS on the Unique Pow­er of Grand Jurors”. Though Leo has also removed that arti­cle from his blog, it may be found at The Right Side of Life in its entire­ty under the title “How to Use the 5th Amend­ment”. In that arti­cle, Leo seemed to imply that any­one could gath­er 25 peo­ple togeth­er, that such a group could call itself a “grand jury, and that the group could issue “pre­sent­ments” that would be equiv­a­lent to legal indict­ments. He said:

The Con­sti­tu­tion says we the peo­ple can bring “Pre­sent­ments” … This is what you need to run with the ball, USA.  If your Gov­ern­ment is break­ing laws, then start using the law that is avail­able to you.



These arti­cles inspired a num­ber of birthers to con­vene their own grand juries, com­plete­ly out­side the Amer­i­can jus­tice sys­tem, in order to “indict” Pres­i­dent Oba­ma on charges such as fraud and trea­son. The first Fake Grand Jury was held on March 28, 2009. Short­ly there­after, an Amer­i­can liv­ing in Shang­hai, Chi­na (Bob Camp­bell) formed the Amer­i­can Grand Jury, and began indict­ing the Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States in online chat rooms.

Father of the Two Cit­i­zen Par­ents Lie

As far as can be deter­mined, Leo was the first per­son to claim that:

… Oba­ma is not eli­gi­ble to the Pres­i­den­cy as he would not be a “nat­ur­al born cit­i­zen” of the Unit­ed States even if it were proved he was born in Hawaii , since … Sen­a­tor Oba­ma’s father was born in Kenya and there­fore, hav­ing been born with split and com­pet­ing loy­al­ties, can­di­date Oba­ma is not a “nat­ur­al born cit­i­zen” as is required by Arti­cle 2, Sec­tion 1, of the Unit­ed States Con­sti­tu­tion.

This, of course, mis­states more than 100 years of set­tled law on the mat­ter, and was thor­ough­ly reject­ed by the Anke­ny deci­sion. Nev­er­the­less, any birther ful­ly steeped in the myths of birtherism will tell you that the cit­i­zen­ship of Pres­i­dent Oba­ma’s father dis­qual­i­fies Pres­i­dent Oba­ma from being a legal pres­i­dent.


Leo is also a pro­fes­sion­al pok­er play­er. You can find infor­ma­tion about that here and here and here. He also plays some com­pet­i­tive chess.


Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow