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Experts” and “Wit­ness­es”

Susan Eliz­a­beth Daniels

Susan Daniels (not to be con­fused with Jack D) is a PI who pur­port­ed to con­duct an inves­ti­ga­tion into the “white col­lar crime” of SSN fraud alleged by Taitz.  This is some­what iron­ic, giv­en that accord­ing to an online pro­file of her, Daniels has stat­ed that, “I’m not a num­bers per­son — I don’t do white col­lar.” 

Daniels is one of two PIs who ran Pres­i­dent Oba­ma’s pur­port­ed SSN through national data­bas­es.  (The oth­er was Neal Sankey.) It was Daniels who both noticed the alleged asso­ci­a­tion of Oba­ma’s SSN with the CT pre­fix, and pro­vid­ed the spu­ri­ous “1890” garbage data tid­bit, which Orly then stuffed into her uniz­ib­it and fell down the rab­bit hole with.  Daniels tes­ti­fied in Geor­gia regard­ing her sup­po­si­tions, which are irrel­e­vant, ground­less, not evi­dence of any­thing by any legal stan­dard, and prob­a­bly a vio­la­tion of the stan­dards of her (assumed) PI licens­ing author­i­ty.   

Accord­ing to her affi­davit, her PI license num­ber is 65199565509.  Accord­ing to the Ohio Pri­vate Investigator/ Secu­ri­ty Guard license web­site, her PI license num­ber is 201021001759.  (See https://www.dps.state.oh.us/ALRS/ProviderSearch.aspx)

For more details, read our Spe­cial Report: The Pres­i­den­t’s Social Secu­ri­ty Num­ber.

John Samp­son

John Samp­son is a retired Immi­gra­tion drone (usu­al­ly referred to by Orly as “Senior Depor­ta­tion Offi­cer” or some­thing) who claims Oba­ma should be deport­ed based on his review of the inter­net copies of doc­u­ments.  He stands ready to tes­ti­fy blath­er some­thing about how by Immi­gra­tion Dept stan­dards, Oba­ma would not be able to work in this coun­try. He’s run­ning for state Sen­ate in Col­orado. Samp­son tes­ti­fied in the Geor­gia Bal­lot Chal­lenge. 

Lin­da Jor­dan

Lin­da Jor­dan, who along with Orly her­self and the late lament­ed Col. Hol­lis­ter (not heard from since his vis­it from the MIB), is one of three peo­ple who vio­lat­ed law to make var­i­ous inquiries of the Selec­tive Ser­vice Reg­is­tra­tion sys­tem and EVer­i­fy, inputting Oba­ma’s alleged SSN and pre­tend­ing to be either Oba­ma him­self, Oba­ma’s Boss, or some­one think­ing of hir­ing Oba­ma. Jor­dan is pre­pared to tes­ti­fy that she did these things, which could get her in hot water, but none of us is hold­ing our breath.

Tech Dude = Moe Ron

San­dra Lines

Her dec­la­ra­tion is found here.

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