Fake Grand Juries

In 2009, the birthers con­vened a num­ber of fake grand juries, which duti­ful­ly issued indict­ments or “pre­sent­ments”. Then they tried to “serve” the indictments/presentments on var­i­ous courts, law enforce­ment agen­cies, leg­is­la­tors and oth­er author­i­ty fig­ures. The effort came to naught.

The first Fake Grand Jury was con­vened by Carl Swens­son of Stock­bridge, Geor­gia on March 28, 2009. He gath­ered 25 vol­un­teers in his computer/electronics shop and pro­ceed­ed to take “sworn tes­ti­mo­ny”. Orly Taitz appeared by tele­phone, lead­ing the affair. Shock­ing­ly, the 25 peo­ple who vol­un­teered to indict Pres­i­dent Oba­ma did exact­ly that, albeit with­out any sort of legal author­i­ty what­ev­er.

Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow