The Fake Kenyan Birth Cer­tifi­cates

A num­ber of fake Oba­ma birth cer­tifi­cates have sur­faced. Some are clear­ly comedic, such as the Cana­di­an birth cer­tifi­cate signed by Dud­ley DoRight. The two most famous fakes are here. Both have been through­ly debunked. We at call these the Fake Kenya Birth Cer­tifi­cates (FKBC). 

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The “Bom­ford” Fake Kenya Birth Cer­tifi­cate

In ear­ly 2009, an unnamed Obot genius cre­at­ed the “Bom­ford” FKBC. It became known as the “Bom­ford” because the orig­i­nal birth cer­tifi­cate that was used as the “tem­plate” for cre­at­ing it was found on a fam­i­ly geneal­o­gy web­site in Aus­tralia. It was a birth cer­tifi­cate dat­ed 1964 belong­ing to a gen­tle­man named David Jef­frey Bom­ford. Except that he wasn’t born in Kenya, he was born in South Aus­tralia. The orig­i­nal and spoof birth cer­tifi­cates are shown below. 

Bomford Bomford2

One impor­tant thing to remem­ber about the Bom­ford: Thedoc­u­ment itself nev­er left the home of the genius who cre­at­ed it. The only thing any­body else in the world saw was just a pho­to­graph of the doc­u­ment (and the sub­se­quent pho­tos show­ing that it was destroyed by its cre­ator). 

In July, 2009, after an unsuc­cess­ful attempt to get Phil Berg to fall for it, the pho­to­graph of the Bom­ford FKBC was placed on a USB flash dri­ve, and mailed to Neil Sankey, the “pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor” for Orly Taitz. It was mailed from the ZIP Code in Wash­ing­ton, D.C. where the Kenyan embassy is, but there was noth­ing else on the flash dri­ve except the pho­to­graph itself. No doc­u­ment was includ­ed to ver­i­fy its authen­tic­i­ty. No indi­vid­ual was iden­ti­fied as the source of the pho­to­graph. Most impor­tant at all, the so-called “pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor,” Neil Sankey, appar­ent­ly made no attempt what­ev­er to deter­mine whether it was authen­tic or not. He must have sim­ply turned it over to Orly Taitz, because she imme­di­ate­ly filed it as an exhib­it to a legal motion in fed­er­al court, in the case titled Bar­nett v. Oba­ma, in the Cen­tral Dis­trict of Cal­i­for­nia, before Judge David O. Carter. 

Orly, the worst lawyer in the his­to­ry of the plan­et Earth, asked Judge Carter to order Sec­re­tary of State Hillary Clin­ton to trav­el to Key­na to authen­ti­cate the Bom­ford. Nat­u­ral­ly, Judge Carter did no such thing. The Bom­ford was exposed with­in a mat­ter of days as a spoof, so much so that Orly nev­er men­tions its exis­tence.

The Bom­ford cre­at­ed a huge sen­sa­tion in the tiny Repub­lic of Birther­stan. To this very day, there are birthers who think it was an authen­tic birth cer­tifi­cate show­ing that Pres­i­dent Oba­ma was born in Kenya. But it was all a hoax, a spoof, polit­i­cal satire, done by some unnamed Obot genius. Even­tu­al­ly, who­ev­er cre­at­ed it took addi­tion­al pho­tographs shown above:

  • a pho­to show­ing the mate­ri­als he used to cre­ate it
  • a pho­to show­ing the Bom­ford crum­pled into a ball
  • a pho­to show­ing it uncrum­pled again, with the leg­end “You’ve been punk’d!”

After the Bom­ford was exposed, some­one opened a “Kenya Birth Cer­tifi­cate Gen­er­a­tor” site.
You can cre­ate your own Kenyan birth cer­tifi­cate at the site.

 Debunk­ings at: Snopes, Poli­ti­fact, The Wash­ing­ton Inde­pen­dent,


The Lucas Smith Fake Kenya Birth Cer­tifi­cate

In 2009, a con­vict­ed forg­er and con artist named Lucas Smith pro­duced this Fake Kenya Birth Cer­tifi­cate:


There are sev­er­al obvi­ous prob­lems with accept­ing this forgery as an authen­tic birth cer­tifi­cate for Pres­i­dent Oba­ma.

  1. Smith is a con­vict­ed forg­er and a con-man with a prison record. More infor­ma­tion about his sor­did his­to­ry as a con-artist may be found here.
  2. Smith’s sto­ry as to how he got the birth cer­tifi­cate is implau­si­ble. He claims he bribed some­one at Coast Province Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal. How­ev­er, hos­pi­tals don’t issue offi­cial birth cer­tifi­cates; only gov­ern­ments issue those.
  3. Smith has nev­er shown any evi­dence that he was ever in Kenya, despite repeat­ed requests even from his birther believ­ers.
  4. The date on the birth cer­tifi­cate is in the wrong for­mat.
    In Kenya, the day of the month is ordi­nar­i­ly stat­ed first, fol­lowed by the month: “19 Feb­ru­ary 2009”.
  5. Heltan Mag­a­n­ga wasn’t the Hos­pi­tal Admin­is­tra­tor on the date the birth cer­tifi­cate was sup­pos­ed­ly issued (Feb. 19, 2009).
    He didn’t take over that job until months lat­er.
  6. Heltan Maganga’s name is mis­spelled “Hel­ton” on Smith’s FKBC.
  7. Barack Oba­ma Sr.‘s birth date is just the year 1936. When the FKBC came out, Wikipedia was only list­ing his year of birth. Sub­se­quent Free­don of Infor­ma­tion Act releas­es have revealed his actu­al date of birth. 
  8. Kenyan offi­cials say this doc­u­ment doesn’t match any used in Kenya. No oth­er doc­u­ments have come forth using this same or sim­i­lar for­mat. 

Smith signed an affi­davit alleged­ly explain­ing the prove­nance of his FKBC:



Need­less to say, most informed peo­ple have con­clud­ed that the affi­davit con­tains false infor­ma­tion, and that Smith forged the sec­ond FKBC. Since he pro­duced the forgery, he has alleged­ly sent a copy of it to every mem­ber of Con­gress. How­ev­er, no one in Con­gress has ever men­tioned receiv­ing it in any pub­lic state­ment. 

Debunk­ings at:, Snopes (bot­tom of page). 

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